The process of developing your advertising campaign is kicked off with a discovery phase in which we immerse ourselves in your world. We have collaborative discussions and meetings with you to develop a creative brief to be used as a guideline to understand your objectives and goals better. We give greater importance to gathering information about your product and brand, research and project management, because getting this foundation right gives us the opportunity to develop the best possible campaign that will develop your brand. During this phase we constantly communicate with you on the objectives and goals and the best way to tackle the campaign.


During the design process, we put our creative caps on and start brainstorming on the best and most creative ways of portraying your brand visually. This design phase is based on a creative rationale informed by the brief initially provided to us by our clients. The creative rationale gives our clients multiple options of the creative direction which they can choose from based on what best represents the brand and business of our client. Once we have agreed on which option is best from the creative rationale, we move on to visual design that usually catches the chosen theme of your campaign or best represents the brand direction of your business.


We bring your design and brand to life through various mediums like outdoor billboards to adverts, in the dailies, to just about everything. At this stage we constantly keep you updated on the progress of your project and send you visuals of the development where necessary to ensure that you get the best of what you want.

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